Deanna has been exposed to the beauty industry for most of her life. With her mom being a hairstylist for over 30 years, and was always intrigued by what she did behind the chair, she was destined to follow suit.

 With 6 years' experience & born and raised in Venice, Fl. Deanna has spent many years perfecting her craft; she continuously attends classes yearly to stay up to date and always learning new techniques.

  Her favorite part of doing hair is the connections she gets to quickly make with her guests. Making people feel beautiful energizes her and she  can hardly believe this is a real "job".    This business is ever-evolving, and feel's it is her duty as your stylist to be on top of the latest trends and to always work on perfecting her craft. 

  Her promise to you is she will always bring her best to the table and only use products she believes will give the best results with the most benefit for your hair. 

    When she's not in the salon painting hair you can find her loving on her new baby Claire and spending time with her husband and dog fenway!


Meet the Artist

Deanna Marie McClean

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